Our Nation in the middle of the largest crisis in our lifetime. I wanted to give my opinion of the things that are transpiring; as well as, get feedback from others about their view the state of affairs.

I personally believe that there has been a massive amount of fraud related to the recent election; I also believe that our current President will stay in power. The “powers that be” seem to believe that they have the final say! These folks have not factored in the most important component of all, the Jesus factor. The current situation in our Nation is a spiritual battle; the Jezebel spirit or Antichrist spirit is rising up in an attempt to take over the world. It has all been prophesied & it will all come to pass.

The days & weeks ahead will be far more chaotic than what we have witnessed so far. Hold on tight & get closer to Jesus; our only hope is our relationship with Him. His true followers will prosper in these last days. Miracles, signs & wonders will be shown thru His people; visions, dreams & prophecy will be given. Acts 2:16-19…there is a great revival on the horizon; it will only take a spark; someone needs to step up to the plate…if not you, then who!!!